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Pet Professional & Dog Trainer Business Coaching

By Pack Leader Help

Where Empathy & Ethics meet Business & Success

Ready for peace of mind and confidence in your business?

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1-1 Coaching

For coaches, trainers,  dog run businesses, I offer 1-on-1 support for tailored feedback and tangible resources. Everything you need and nothing you don't

Online programs

Join the hundreds of other dog professionals who have changed their lives and grown their businesses with my DIY programs


Website Design

Looking for a professional  and custom designed website that doesn't cost you the amount of used car and can have industry specific language? 



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Brianna is wonderful. Not only is she an amazing dog trainer but truly amazing at what she does with her consulting business. As a dog trainer it can be hard to navigate running a business with so much going on. She makes everything very clear and breaks it down step by step for you. I so appreciate her guidance already!

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Brianna with BD Method has single-handedly pushed me in the right direction to start my business on the proper foot. She helped break down the process of starting my career, when I was in analysis paralysis, and feeling overwhelmed on how to begin.


From setting clear intentions with the business, to going over specific logistics on the beginnings of a dog training service, to getting feedback on looming questions and worries I had, Brianna covered so much in our Zoom session together. She has a way of explaining things in a straight forward manner with care; making you feel completely at ease to ask any and all questions you may have.

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